Helen Frosi's practice pivots around ecological throught, poetics and the environmental, creative, social and political enmeshment of sound, hearing and listening. Her work embodies epistemic pluralism, is facilitatory and necessitates collaborative, cross-disciplinary work, communal projects and collective activities.


Helen has exhibited at audiograft festival, Museum of London Docklands and Victoria and Albert Museum amongst others; performed at Cafe OTO, Hundred Years Gallery and Iklectik; curated exhibitions and events for Design Museum, ICA, Full of Noises Festival, London Metropolitan, Sirius (Ireland), V22 and led workshops at the British Museum, Middlesbrough Art Weekender and numerous London universities. She was a founding curator of Longplayer Day, a peripatetic festival of art, ecology and the sonic imagination, alongside James Bulley (2017-2021).


Helen is currently Co-Curator of auralpluralities (previously known as AuralDiversities), a project that troubles accepted norms in audio technology, sound culture and Western epistemologies, questioning the extent of human perception, our relation in and through the vibratory world, and whether hearing is ever an individual act (2019-present). She is Founder and Curator of EnCOUnTERs, an interdisciplinary project that encompasses art, ecology and the sonic imagination (2018-present); Director of SoundFjord, an artist-lead nomadic platform for sound art research and praxis (2010-present); and a freelance educator and workshop leader at the British Library, working with their online sound collection.


Helen continues as a longstanding honorary research fellow in the Department of Music at Goldsmiths, University of London, (2014-present). 




SoundFjord - website related to curatorial and educational work. 

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Stephan Barrett is a London-based pianist, field recordist, improvisor and sound editor. Stephan performs as a duo with Helen Frosi under the moniker Postcards from the Volcano, and with Adam Kinsey as Littoral Transmissions. Both projects focus on the creation of site-sensitive works, the former working with materials greaned walking London's peri-urban landscapes, whilst the latter explores the sonic resonance of objects and the aquatic imaginary.

As an improvisor, Stephan has performed at Arch 1, APT, Iklectik, Full of Noises festival, Harts Lane Gallery, Hundred Years Gallery and New River Studios amongst other locations, and has created transmission works for amongst others: Radiophrenia, SonicaFM, and Threads. He has released albums with Colliding Lines, International Ephemera, Minimal Resource Manipulation, Steep Gloss, Visible Near Midnight Recordings and produced Lea Navigations, a monthly radio show for Resonance Extra. Alongside Massimo Magee, Stephan has an live album forthcoming with 577 records.

Littoral Transmissions - info and listening.

Lea Navigation - info and listening 

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