SoundShare is taking a break from its usual monthly activities

SoundShare is a show and tell event for sound artists and those interested in sonic practice. All welcome! 

The evening is about shared conversation, and most importantly, a showcase for YOUR sonic art works, research and sound-centric film and performance. Think sound diffusion, radio pieces, multi-channel works, sonic sculptures, AV works, live works, performance, visual scores, research papers, and so on. Works may be finished pieces, works in progress, or simply initial ideas, it's up to you what to offer...

We are able to screen the following:
- Audio up to 5.1 via CD, DVD, digital files*
- AV work via DVD, digital files (We ave facilities to project up to 3m h x 3.5m w)*
*All works must be compatible with Mac

We also have:
- Space for small-scale performances/interventions
- Space for intimate live works
- Wall/floor space to hang scores and paper works

This event will be a relaxed evening for you to share your work with an audience of contemporaries and to gain feedback, constructive criticism and/or technical advice if desired, or simply for you to listen to your - and/or other artist's - works on a high-quality sound system. Artist/group may screen work up to 15 minutes in length. If your works are longer in duration, please bring a suitable excerpt. Please email the SoundFjord team with your details and technical needs to be included.

Visits since 12 February 2012:

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