V I S I B L E   N E A R   M I D N I G H T   R E C O R D I N G S

{ VNMR } is a crepuscular label specialising in exploratory and experimental music, sound art, text/word pieces and other works that slip through the genre gaps.

Creating limited run, carefully designed artifacts with exquisitely hand-made packaging; made at home to be digested anywhere.



aspects of the morning | Helen Frosi

aspects of the morning is a pillow book to the river lea; a spatial poem beginning at dawn and following the river’s course until noon, portraying as a splay of seemingly disassociated words on the page, helen’s deep acoustic and ecological sensibility. Ecological in its writing - multilayered and many-voiced - the open lattice of the text acts as a perfume, encouraging the reader to linger and drift through an alternative time; sound and light.

Commissioned by Patrick Farmer

Published by Sonic Art Research Unit, Oxford Brookes University

Risoprinted by Footprint Workers Co-op, Leeds

Limited to 100 copies

The first 25 sold come with one of two linoprints inspired by the Hamonshu

Azure ink on context in birch

the garden of earthly delights | Sharon Gal

This release explores bioacoustics, field & found recordings; focusing on the voice and its inter-species expression by different animals. the work includes a range of sounds, utterances and expressions by various types of birds, monkeys and human voices.

Limited edition of 25

sea . forest . wind | Stephan Barrett

An exploratory work of wistful melancholy and grace, for piano, clarinet and field recording; gathered around the briny coast, picked from the branches of trees and trespassed through golden fields.

Limited edition of 25


extended transmissions | ada

'...on initial listens extended transmissions would appear to document a séance in the teardrop of a fully submerged submarine manned by a crew of hexapods. but repeat plays tease out the finer details, opening up spaces in ada’s electro-magnetic tapestries for the ears to ease into the velvet hypnosis of burr and drift ...it’s the hypothetical sound of finnish experimentalists pan sonic transferring their studio to the outside world only to watch it slowly disappear under a blanket of moss, lichen and rare species of sea lavender.' - Spencer Grady (Record Collector magazine)

Limited edition of 25


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