F O R T H C O M I N G   W O R K S H O P S

Music and Other Living Creatures (OTO Projects) x EnCOUnTERs (SoundFjord)

A collaboration between Oto Projects and SoundFjord, exploring interspecies encounters, art, ecology and the sonic imagination.

Spring to Autumn 2023. Commissions, performances, screenings, workshops and walks.

Ross Adams . Sarah Angliss . Stephan Barrett . David Chapman . Cath Clover . Laura Denning . Helen Frosi . Sharon Gal . Alexander Glyde-Bates . Kathy Hinde . Helena Hunter . Taey Iohe . Aleks Kolkowski . Olga Koroleva . Shirley Djukurna Krenak . Sonia Levy . Nathaniel Robin Mann . Lee Patterson . kitt price . Blanc Sceol (Hannah White and Stephen Shiell) . Hermione Spriggs . Hannah Tuulikki . Tom White . Duncan Whitley . Mark Peter Wright. 

Series information and tickets(Cafe OTO website)

Tickets are £10 (advance); £12 (door) or £6 with OTO membership (free to students and no/low waged)

Workshops associated with the series: 

23 May 2023

Acoustic Commons

Session Leaders: Soundcamp

Daytime workshops: How to Assemble A Streambox (11am-12:30pm)

How to Make DIY Microphones (1pm-3pm)

OTO Project Space

15 and 16 July 2023

8 Miles to Hyde Park Corner: A Sound/Listening Walk (Urban Birds)

Session leader: Catherine Clover

Information and tickets: 15 July (12:30-2:15pm)

Information and tickets: 16 July (1:15-3pm)


30 July 2023

Rhythm Studies: In Praise of Lingering - A Sound Walk on the Slow Side

Led by Helen Frosi and Stephan Barrett

Location send to participants the evening before by email | 10am-noon


Information and tickets

06 August 2023

Rhythm Studies: Sylvan Sounds - Instrument Making Workshop with Sound Walk

Led by Helen Frosi and Stephan Barrett

Location send to participants the evening before by email | 1pm-4pm


Information and tickets

13 August 2023

Rhythm Studies: Desire Lines - Graphic Score Workshop

Led by Helen Frosi and Stephan Barrett

Location send to participants the evening before by email | 1pm-3pm


Tickets may be available on the door email for information.

23 September 2023

Rhythm Studies: Crepuscule - A Twilight (PM) Sound Walk

Led by Helen Frosi and Stephan Barrett

Location send to participants the evening before by email | 6pm-8pm

Information and tickets

14 October 2023

Rhythm Studies: Aurore - A Twilight (AM) Sound Walk

Led by Helen Frosi and Stephan Barrett

Location send to participants the evening before by email | 6:50am-8:30m

Information and tickets

Further walks and workshops to be announced soon.

Associated performances are announced on our Events & Performance page.

P A S T   W O R K S H O P S

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with Helen Frosi

Thursday 30 September | Drop in - 2-5pm | Free entry

Wednesday 06 October | Drop In - 2-5pm | Free entry

SoundFjord Gallery | Unit 3b – Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER 

Experiment with how sound may be perceived and expressed through ‘synaesthetic’ response. During the workshop attendees will be asked to respond to sound through the medium of drawing, transposing the sound, environment, surroundings and atmosphere into something visual. Drawing should, in this instance, be considered in its widest form. The sounds themselves could be considered ‘drawings (in/with sound)’. By working on this premise, one may decide to draw with paper, charcoal, space, light. Use whatever materials are around to express what is heard!

Bring things you would like to 'draw' with!

Foley Performance
with Andrew Riley

Weekend: 02-03 October 2010 | 11am - 5pm | Tickets: £30 (by advanced ticket)

SoundFjord Gallery | Unit 3b – Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER

Learn the mysterious art of Foley: find out how to score sound, what to use to create specific sounds, as well as how to perform your own ‘sound effects’ to film. Put into practice what you have learnt during the final lesson: perform to a film!

All materials and refreshment are included in ticket price. Feel free to bring your own props!

Interactive Media Sound Design

with Andrew Riley

Tuesday 05 October 2010 | 8-9pm | Tickets: £3 (by advanced ticket)

SoundFjord Gallery | Unit 3b – Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER 

Hear Andrew Riley, Co-Founder of SoundFjord speak about sound design in interactive media, its creative uses for artists and much more.

Recording in the Field
with Andrew Riley/Helen Frosi
Saturday 09 October 2010 | 10am - noon | Tickets: Free - booking is essential

Meet at Stonebridge Lock, Tottenham Marshes, N17 0XD

Complimenting The Wire's Salon: Environmental Agents: The Sonic Art and Science of Field Recording, SoundFjord take an informal visit to Tottenham Marshes to record wildlife: insects, birds, and all manner of beasts. 

Bring recording equipment with you e.g. digital audio, cassette recorder, camera (with audio), binaural microphones, hydrophones, etc.

Hydrophone Construction
Workshop leader: David Chapman

Saturday 09 October 2010 | 1pm - 5pm | Tickets: £15 (by advanced ticket)

Waterside Centre (FoTM Community Room) | Stonebridge Lock, Tottenham Marshes, N17 0XD

Guided by the expertise of sound artist, David Chapman, try your hand at constructing a hydrophone from inexpensive materials; listen to the sound of a fly trip-trapping over a piece or wood, birds feeding in the trees and much more.

All materials and refreshment are included in ticket price.

Foley Performance

with Andrew Riley

20 to 21 November 2010 | 11am-5pm | Tickets: £20/£18 conc. (by advanced ticket) 

SoundFjord Gallery | Unit 3b – Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER

Learn the mysterious art of Foley: find out how to score sound, what to use to create specific sounds, as well as how to perform your own ‘sound effects’ to film. Put into practice what you have learnt during the final lesson: perform to a film! All materials are included in ticket price, however, please feel free to bring your own props! Ticket enables you to attend both days; refreshments are also included. http://www.wegottickets.com/event/95502 & http://www.wegottickets.com/event/95503 (conc)

Some Possible Landscapes

Steve Roden

Paying us a fleeting but jam-packed visit from the US, veteran sound and visual artist, Steve Roden will delight our ears and eyes with a series of events connected to site and setting, grouped together under the umbrella title: Some Possible Landscapes.

Following on, SoundFjord will provide a platform for an inspiring afternoon of “sound gathering”, site-scoring and group improvising, in a workshop lead by Steve, and focussing on the site of the SoundFjord gallery and its locality (North London) for creative stimulus. The workshop will run from 2-6pm, on Sunday the 27 March and will culminate in an intimate group performance:

Workshop | Possible Landscapes

Led by Steve Roden; Facilitated by Helen Frosi and Andrew Riley

SUNDAY 27th March 2011 | 2pm – 6pm | £8/£6conc. | wegottickets.com/event/112303

SoundFjord | Unit 3b – Studio 28 | 28 Lawrence Road | N15 4ER

Workshop and presentation 

Active Crossover 

01 October 2011 | 1pm | free  - Please RSVP 

SoundFjord | Unit 3b, Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER

Simon Whetham will present past and present work, and introduce participants to ‘Active Listening'.

Bat Walk

Led by Roger Harvard
20 April 2012 | 7:30-10:30pm | £4/£2 FOTM Concession | £5 FOTM membership | RSVP/Booking: contact[@]tottenhammarshes.org
Waterside Centre, Tottenham Marshes

Led by "Bat Guru" Roger Harvard; organised by FOTM. Informative talk and walk utilising bat detectors. Tea served. Bat detectors provided, audio recorders welcome. Bring you own binoculars if you have them; some will be available to borrow.

Two Day Non-Idiomatic Improvisation Workshop 

Workshop led by Seijiro Murayama | seijiromurayama.com

Saturday and Sunday 28-29 April | 10-6pm | £25 including meals

SoundFjord | Unit 3b, Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER

During the two-day workshop the voice - as a sound making organ, not as a singing instrument - will be used as a starting point for the investigation of the notion of improvisation in the common area between sound and body practices. The workshop is suitable for people from all backgrounds who have an interest in free-form improvisation. No singing skills requested.

Bird Song Walk

with DAvid Chapman and David Cottridge

SUNDAY 29 April 2012 | 9am-11:30am | £4/£2 FOTM Concession | £5 FOTM membership (pay on arrival) | RSVP/Booking: helen[@]soundfjord.org.uk

Waterside Centre (FoTM Community Room) | Stonebridge Lock, Tottenham Marshes, N17 0XD

Lead by sound artist, David Chapman and professional wildlife photographer David Cottridge; organised by leaders and SoundFjord. Informative talk and walk focusing on bird species, song and habitat. Tea served. Audio recorders welcome. Bring you own binoculars if you have them. Parabolic microphone available; some binoculars will be available to borrow.

SOUND//SPACE (V22 The Old Biscuit Factory)

Please see below for all workshops associated with SOUND//SPACE, a three-month programme of performances, workshops, talks and events with a pop-up record store at it's heart (curated and produced by Helen Frosi of SoundFjord) held at V22's Summer Club, a warehouse full of events and a club house to relax in and be inspired by throughout the summer.

May to July 2012

Workshop | Pure Data Starter 
Led by Tom Mudd                                    
12 May | 1-7pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £20 (£25 door) wegottickets.com/event/165689

Workshop | Foley Performance 

Led by SoundFjord  
13 May | noon-6pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £20/18 wegottickets.com/event/165618

Workshop | Build a Hydrophone 

Led by SoundFjord

20 May | noon-6pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £15/12 wegottickets.com/event/165624

Workshop | Improvisation with Objects: An Introduction 
Led by Mathias Kispert, Blanca Regina, Andrew Riley    
26 May | 2:30-6pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £5/4 wegottickets.com/event/165764 

Workshop | Improvisation with Objects: Session One (Metal) 

Led by Mathias Kispert, Blanca Regina, Andrew Riley & Special Guest, Ryan Jordan       
27 May | 2:30-6pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £5/4 wegottickets.com/event/165767

Workshop | A Quiet Position: Two-Day Field Recording Exploration 
Led by Jez riley French                        
02-03 June | 12:30-6pm (Each day) | (S//S Project Space + environs) | Further Information/Bookings: £30 wegottickets.com/event/165674 

Workshop | Light-Sensitive Synth Construction 
Lead by Mike Blow                    
10 June | 1-7pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £20 (incl. materials) wegottickets.com/event/166116 

Workshop | Improvisation with Objects: Session Two (Ceramics)
Led by Mathias Kispert, Blanca Regina, Andrew Riley            
23 June | 2:30-6pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £5/4 wegottickets.com/event/165769

Workshop | Two-Day Toy Hacking for Experimental Sound Production
Led by Tasos Stamou    
Introduction and Presentation: 29 June | 7-9pm | (S//S Project Space)
Practice and Collective Jamming: 30 June | 6-9pm | (S//S Project Space)            
Further Information/Bookings: £18 (with toy)/£14 (BYO toy) wegottickets.com/event/166546

Workshop | Interfacing with the Vortex: Three-day Workshop
Led by Marinos Koutsomichalis
SuperCollider: An Introduction: 05 July | 7-9pm | (S//S Project Space)        
Arduino and Electronics: An Introduction: 06 July | 7-9pm | (S//S Project Space)        
Specific Project Work: 07 July | 12:30-5:30pm | (S//S Project Space)    
Further Information/Bookings: £100 (w/ materials)/£60 (BYO) wegottickets.com/event/165751

Workshop | Collected Silences
Led by Softday                                         
14 July | 12:30-6pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £8 (£10 door) wegottickets.com/event/168828

Workshop | Improvisation with Objects: Session Three (Wood) 
Led by Mathias Kispert, Blanca Regina, Andrew Riley & special guest, Iris Garrelfs        
28 July | 2:30-6pm | (S//S Project Space) | Further Information/Bookings: £5/4 wegottickets.com/event/165771 

Sonic City: The Art of Listening

with Helen Frosi

05 September 2014 | 7-10pm | Sainsbury’s Archive (First Floor) | Museum of London Docklands | Further information and tickets

Explore sonic London through creative installations, intimate gigs, workshops, and talks and discover the hidden noise of our modern city. You’ll also be the first to hear Scanner’s new immersive sound installation, Bridging the World, inspired by our exhibition, Bridge. With an after-hours view of Bridge, a soundtrack co-curated by Brian Eno and Scanner and late night bars. - See more at: http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/docklands/whats-on/adult-events/late-events-docklands/#sthash.xoeBRrvZ.dpuf

Explore sonic London through creative installations, intimate gigs, workshops, and talks and discover the hidden noise of our modern city. You’ll also be the first to hear Scanner’s new immersive sound installation, Bridging the World, inspired by our exhibition, Bridge. With an after-hours view of Bridge, a soundtrack co-curated by Brian Eno and Scanner, workshops, specialist talks and late night bars.

Join Helen Frosi of SoundFjord in a workshop experimenting with cross-sensory interpretation, focusing on aural perception via the medium of drawing. Respond to sonic stimuli - interpret, transpose and transmogrify the space, sonic environment and atmosphere into something visual. Visual documentation of the workshop, here.

From Poetry to Sound Poetry

with Simon Pomery 

Saturday 01 August 2015 | 11am-4pm | Nan Tait Building, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria 

Free with Full of Noise Festival tickets | £4 BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL

In this workshop you will be exposed to new poems and to sound poems, and encouraged to engage with each discipline, and produce your own work, through a series of exercises. No experience of poetry is necessary, but a willingness to experiment is, as we explore the creative space between text and sound. Could your text be used like a score of music? How might you turn a page of text into a sound poem? You are welcome to bring any instruments/objects to use in your sound poetry, but you can also use your texts and voice alone.


1. Creative listening meditation: music from minimalism and drone - Dennis Johnson, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and Laurie Spiegel, Meredith Monk, and CC Hennix.

2. Voice and voices: the poetry of Sappho, Zbigniew Herbert, Guillevic, and Tom Raworth. Poetry exercises, workshop, class feedback; readings.

3. Sound poetry: an introduction - Bob Cobbing, Emmett Williams, Maya Jantar. Sound poetry, exercises, workshop, class feedback; performances.

SIMON POMERY is a poet and musician based in London. A pamphlet of his poems, The Stream (tall-lighthouse), appeared in 2010, and his poetry and criticism has been published online and in print by 3am magazine, The White Review, the Times Literary Supplement, P.N. Review, Poetry London, the Edinburgh Review. He has recently read his work for the Enemies Project, Camaradefest, and Feinde exhibitions in London. Seamus Heaney on The Stream: “This augurs well for the Pomery life and literature”.

Further information: Youtube | Twitter Cargo Collective | Tumblr

His next release under the name BLOOD MUSIC is due in June 2015 on Diagonal Records. He is a percussionist and guitar player with an interest in rhythm and noise, using Taiko drumming patterns and drum machines, electronics, samples, and contact mics, muscle and machinery, creating pummelling tunnels of propulsive torque. The Quietus: “A barrage of tribal percussion, squalling guitars and pummelling sub pressure ensues – Blood Music building a titanic pulse, great throbbing waves of brutally effective sound that hinges on disorientating physicality.” Further information: Youtube | Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Cargo Collective

Ruff Ribbit Roar! A Family Workshop

With Helen Frosi

20 September | 11:30 - 1pm and 2-3:30pm | British Library (Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre) 

The animal kingdom is a richly sensory environment, full of miraculous sounds from the melancholy beauty of a whale song, through to the chirruping of crickets. 

Hear wondrous wildlife recordings from the British Library’s Sound Archive and experience the animal world through the magical, mysterious and often surprising realm of the aural sense. Families will learn how creatures communicate to attract mates, play, warn of danger or scare away predators through listening, movement and vocalisation activities.

Suitable for 5-years+. Free on a first come first served basis. Further information.

SoundSpinners at Africa Market and Discovery Day

With Helen Frosi and James Bulley

Saturday 05 December 2015 | British Library Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre | Free event

Along side a day of workshops, demonstrations and performances, join James Bulley and Helen Frosi (SoundFjord) in sound, music and song to create a collaborative polyphonic work responding to wonderful sound recordings from the British Library and James' own personal archive. There'll be West African music and sounds from nature and industry to inspire you. No musical training is needed and you are welcome to bring your own records, tapes and instruments to stoke the 'music pot' whilst we cook up the sonic imagination. Further information


with Wajid Yaseen and Helen Frosi

Sunday 15 May 2016 | RichMix (London) | Free (booking required)

SoundHoppers is a sound exploration playgroup for children in Early Years (ages 3-5), Key-stage 1 (ages 5-7) and Key-stage 2 (ages 7-11). The sessions aim to encourage children to become careful, deep listeners; more nuanced and sensitive to the different qualities of sound around them. We encouraging the group to explore and play with specially constructed sound boxes and enable a variety of dialogues with sound via listening exercises. Further information

Recent Dates:

Sun 07 December 2015 | 11am | RichMix (London) | Free event (booking required) | Further information

Sat 19 March 2016 | 13:00-14:30 | British Library Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre | Free event | Further information

Sun 17 April 2016 | 11am | RichMix (London) | Free (booking required) | Further information

Wed 01 June 2016 | 10am | Tempting Failure Festival (Hackney) | Free (SOLD OUT) | Further information

Thurs 02 June 2016 | 10am | Tempting Failure Festival (Croydon) | Free (SOLD OUT) | Further information

Sun 19 June 2016 | 11am | RichMix (London) | Free (booking required) | Further information

Sun 17 July 2016 | 11am | RichMix (London) | Free (booking required) | Further information

Sun 07 August 2016 | 12-2pm | Supernormal Festival (Oxfordshire) | Free (with festival pass) | Further info

Sun 14 August 2016 | 12-1:30pm | SUMMER CLUB // SOUND (Forest Hill) | Further information

Sat/Sun 10/11 September | 11-1pm | Cafe OTO (Dalston) | Free (Booking required | Further information

Sun 18 September 2016 | 11-12:30 | RichMix (Shoreditch) | Free (booking required) | Further information

Sat 01 October 2016 | 3-5pm | Sound is Sound is Sound | The Albany (Deptford) | Free | Further information

Sun 16 October 2016 | 11-12:30 | RichMix (Shoreditch) | Free (booking required) | Further information

Sun 23 October 2016 | 11-13:00/14:15-16:15 | Potential Plus (Kettering), Big Family Weekend | Further information


With Josephine Dickinson and Helen Frosi

Saturday to Sunday 30 April - 01 May 2016 | Octopus Collective HQ and environs (Venue: Ulverston, Cumbria) | Free (booking required)

Join Octopus and invited artists for a night of field recording, live streaming and creative writing in celebration of International Dawn Chorus Day. This year’s event takes the Coach House building in Ulverston’s Ford Park as a base for sound walks exploring nearby woods, farmland and canal banks to gather materials for an online broadcast.

As part of the SoundCamp project, Octopus will also be streaming the dawn chorus live between 5am and 6am, linking to Reveil: a 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, relayed live by audio streamers around the globe. Guest Artists: Cumbria-based poet Josephine Dickinson and artist-curator Helen Frosi (SoundFjord). Further information


SUMMER CLUB // SOUND (V22 Louise House)

A series of events including listening sessions, film screening, live performances, educational activities and workshops. 

Details of our workshops are below:

Alexander Wendt 

Children of Savia (workshop) 

24 July 2016 | 12-3pm |  V22 Louise House, Forest Hill | £3 Tickets

Armed with microphones and cameras, Alex and workshop participants will explore the locale, hunt for sounds in the Community Garden, the Old Laundry and the surroundings of Louise House. Children will be able to learn about sound recording and their sonic environment while gathering and editing material for a final presentation. hellosavia.wordpress.com

Alexander Wendt is interested in new forms of presentation, for performing arts and education. He performs and exhibits internationally, and organises sound recording and listening workshops in sometimes remote locations. Wendt researches aural visual culture of the post-millenial society, and socio-cultural and conceptual development of field education. He recently set up Savia (Sound, Arts & Video Activities) in West Sussex. Wendt studied Multimedia Engineering and Special Effects Design at London's South Bank University, and was awarded an MA in New Media Production by John Moores University, Liverpool in 2004. Before becoming lecturer at London Metropolitan University, he studied and taught at the International Center for Digital Content, Liverpool. Wendt gained a Masters degree in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in 2008, and was awarded Fellow of Academy for Higher Education by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in 2009. www.alexanderwendt.com

Daniel James Ross 

Field Recording and Sonic Time Travel: A Workshop for Kids 

04 August 2016 | 12-2pm | V22 Louise House, Forest Hill | Donations welcomed on the door

Spend an afternoon with a professional sound artist and educator and learn how to record the past. This is an opportunity for children to learn new skills, become part of an art work, and have loads of fun! Learn how to use hand-held sound recorders with composer and sound artist Daniel James Ross. Imagine & recreate a Victorian sonic landscape, time travel with sound! Have your recordings included in a sound art installation at London's I'Klectik Art Lab for Sound Yard 2016. Led by Daniel James Ross and Alice Reicher.

Alice Reicher is a fully qualified primary school teacher with 8 years of experience working with children of all ages. She graduated from Edinburgh University with a Bachelor of Education honours degree in 2008 and since then has taught in schools both in Scotland and London. Alice is passionate about a wide range of creative processes relating to sonic and visual art and she is looking forward to bringing her sense of fun, imagination, and energy to these workshops.

Daniel James Ross composes algorithmic electro-instrumental music and is a PhD candidate in composition at Goldsmiths. He has recently had work premièred at the National Museum of Wales, the Brighton Fringe, and via release on Classwar Karaoke and NX Records. Daniel also improvises with custom built software in various ensembles, including Some Some Unicorn and Roddart, the latter having reached the finals of the Engine Room International Sound Art Competition 2015. Daniel's music combines elements of free jazz, electro-acoustic, and choral music. Daniel is a lecturer in music technology at Morley College.www.vitruviandan.wordpress.com

Octopus Collective 

Breadboard Orchestra (workshop for the whole family) 

11 August 2016 | 12-1pm & 1-2pm | V22 Louise House | £3 Tickets

Create your own piece of improvised music with homemade tabletop instruments built from wooden chopping boards and amplified with contact microphones. The workshop will focus on improvising together (using chopsticks, toothbrushes and other small objects) to create and perform a short piece of music with up to 8 performers.

Designed as a no-budget, rucksack friendly alternative to a guitar, the boards are fitted with leftover strings and played with chopsticks, bows, mallets and assorted implements for a range of sounds from delicate, gamelan style pieces to massed drones and percussive repetition. Each workshop session uses a completely different tuning, ensuring that no two pieces are the same.

The workshop will be run by artists Glenn Boulter and Andrew Deakin of Cumbria's Octopus Collective, organisers of the Full of Noises Festival. Versions of the breadboard have traveled far and wide from the Sao Paulo Biennial to a Victorian Castle in the Lake District, the streets of York and the Cafe OTO project space. 

Capacity: up to 10 participants for each of the two sessions: 12-13:00 or 13:00-14:00.

From their studio base in a public park on Cumbria’s Furness Peninsula, Octopus Collective produce the biennial Full of Noises festival and events series, providing an incubator for new work from the most innovative of contemporary composers and sound artists.

Sharon Gal 

Gals with Guitars: Feel the Noise (workshop for women) 

26 August 2016 | 12-6pm | V22 Louise House | Contact for participation.

Gals with Guitars (Feel the Noise) is a new participatory composition by Sharon Gal, for a group of female players using electric guitars, hand-held electronics, and micro amps. The piece applies collaborative music making and highlights the relationship between sound and space by exploring and responding to the characteristics of the performance environment, its architecture and acoustics. The composition is immersive and dynamic; the players move around the space, affecting its ambience, projecting their sound and combining it with others, shaping and sculpting the material, bringing about the group’s unique resonance and the emergence of a new sound.

The workshop starts at 12pm. All participants are asked to arrive promptly. The composition will be performed to camera in the afternoon.

Sharon Gal is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and experimental vocalist /composer, with particular experience of free improvisation and collaborative group compositions. Her work relates to sound, sculpture, architecture, live performance and participatory art, exploring the psychology of sound and its relationship with space. Gal performs solo and in ongoing collaborations with David Toop, Steve Beresford, Phil Minton, Andie Brown and Lina Lapelyte. She also directs and performs a series of participatory group compositions which examine the inter-relations between people and place. Co-founder of Resonance 104.4 FM, Gal's music has been released by various labels. She has performed in the U.K. and internationally, including at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum, Whitechapel Gallery, Arnolfini and Tate Modern. 


With Helen Frosi

Sat 17 September 2016, 12-2pm | Fort Hill Shelter (Margate) | Free (booking required) | Sign up here.

A sensory participatory walk for the (sonically) curious, led by Helen Frosi (SoundFjord, Postcards From the Volcano). Followed by a discussion at Fort Hill shelter. Please allow 2hrs.Tendrils is part of Sounds For Living // Shelter - a day of experimental, improvised and newly commissioned soundworks based at, and leading out from, the Fort Hill Shelter,  Margate. Sounds For Living // Shelter is part of Inside Out for the Margate Festival.

Ink Slingers & Silver Tongues (a workshop of invented words)

With Helen Frosi, Wajid Yaseen and James Worse (Jim Hill)

Sat 22 October 2016 | 12-13:30 & 14:30-16:00 | Chaucer Room, British Library Conference Centre | Free - drop in.

Join sonic tricksters Helen Frosi (SoundFjord), Wajid Yaseen (Modus Arts) and wordsmith James Worse for a day of word making and word bending inspired by the British Library's Evolving English Collection. Make the likes of Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll proud by invent new words; have them accessioned into the mysterious Archive of Neologisms; and witness spoken-word performances that bite back! Ink Slingers & Silver Tongues is part of Family Day: British Library Uncovered.


With James Bulley and Helen Frosi

01 April 2017 | British Library | Learning Centre | FREE drop-ins: 12-13pm; 13:30-2:30pm; 3-4pm

SoundFjord will be working with James Bulley at the British Library's Family Day this Saturday, 01 April, on a workshop inspired by Bob Cobbing's ABC in Sound. Head of Contemporary British Collections, Richard Price will be there to give a potted history on the subject, and will have special texts from the collection for you to see. James Bulley and SoundFjord will be there to show you various concrete poetry techniques and record your freshly made poems live! A FREE drop-in to get imaginative with wordplay and mucky with newsprint! Family Day programme here


With Wajid Yaseen and Helen Frosi

SoundHoppers is a sound exploration playgroup for children in Early Years (ages 3-5), Key-stage 1 (ages 5-7) and Key-stage 2 (ages 7-11).

The sessions aim to encourage children to become careful, deep listeners; more nuanced and sensitive to the different qualities of sound around them. We encouraging the group to explore and play with specially constructed sound boxes and enable a variety of dialogues with sound via listening exercises.

Forthcoming dates:

17 February 2017: Coconuts Nursery (Stoke Newington, London)

25 February 2017: 3pm and 4:30pm. Two workshops as part of Sound is Sound is Sound, curated by Charles Hayward (The Albany, Deptford)

26 February 2017:  11am-3:30pm. Workshops at Crossroads event in association with ArtHoppers (RichMix, Shoreditch).

Unpredictable presents

Art of Improvisors

15 - 22 June 2017 | Cafe OTO and Project Space

A festival curated by Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford affirming the importance of women in free improvisation and arts.

This festival presents, in a variety of ways, both the back history and the current state of women in free improvisation. It also looks at free improvisation’s strong, but rarely noted, connection to visual work.

This show draws on a number of female artists who are part of the newer generation of free improvisers and also artists in different media. The exhibition will draw on an extensive body of previously unseen artwork, documentation and rich archive material. Exhibiting artists include Andie Brown, Tania Chen, Poulomi Desai, Helen Frosi, Sharon Gal, Rie Nakajima, Helen Petts, Julie Pickard and Blanca Regina.

The programme presents workshops with Maggie Nicols, Sharon Gal and Helen Frosi and a talk closing the show. It brings together some of the founding members of the UK free improvisation music scene, plus new generations of musicians and artists, unveiling previously unknown aspects of their art. Joining the evening performances at Cafe Oto will be Steve Beresford, Mandhira de Saram, Terry Day, Julie Kjaer, Maggie Nicols and David Toop.

An Art of Improvisers compilation CD of these artists will be released and available at the Festival and at Unpredicatable's online shop. Listen to a sneak peak of it via a radio show presented by Gal, Beresford and Regina (ResonanceFM).

Art of Improvisers is supported by Arts Council England, Cafe Oto, The British Music Collection, Sound and Music, Art+Feminism and is in association with the Wire 400.

Further information on the exhibition via this Cafe OTO weblink.

Cafe OTO Art of Improvisation page.

Unpredicatable Art of Improvisors page.

From Ear to Eye

16 June 2017 | Cafe OTO Project Space | 2 - 4pm | Tickers £20

A sonic mapping and scoring workshop.

"What do maps mean to our ears? Can we hear in a straight line? How do we score the environment?" Join Helen for a workshop exploring the urban landscape through the sonic and visual imagination. Please note: The workshop will involve some walking in the local area. We will supply notebooks and drawing materials. Please wear clothes appropriate for the weather, and comfortable shoes (as we will be exploring the local landscape).

Session is led by Helen Frosi with the assistance of Stephan Barrett.

Poetry Remixed

With James Bulley and Helen Frosi

23 September 2017 | British Library | Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre | 10:30-12:00 & 13:00-14:30 | FREE - drop-ins 

Due to popular demand SoundFjord will be working with James Bulley at the British Library's Family Day again! On Saturday 23 September the pair welcome you to a family day of exploratory visual- and word play and performance inspired by artists and poets found in the British Library Sound Archive and beyond. You are invited to explore a variety of poetry making exercises such as cut-ups (popular with the likes of David Bowie and William Burroughs), erasure/draw-over techniques (made famous by Tom Phillips in his Humument) and collage (Ezra Pound, and T S Elliot were famous proponents of this technique) using everyday materials to create your own experimental visual poetry works, then explore vocal techniques in performance (inspired by the readings of Bob Cobbing) to create your own multimedia work. A FREE drop-in to get imaginative with wordmaking, stretching and destruction! Family Day schedule.  

Confluence: The River Speaks

Led by Helen Frosi and special guests

A participatory sound recording and visual art project that will meander along the River Wandle throughout September and October 2017, culminating in the production of a permanent installation at the Ram Heritage Centre, Wandsworth (set to open in 2018). Activities are hands-on and include: drawing and sketching, collecting, field recording, lino printing, listening, local history, material studies, natural history appreciation, poetry, photography, presentations, rambling, soundscapes, vocalisation and aesthetic movement. All sessions are suitable fo families* (except Open Ears! and The River Speaks, which are suitable for people age 16+) and are free to attend. Click here to email for further information and to make bookings.

Workshops and Recording Sessions

The World is a Camera

Saturday 16 Sept 2017 | 11-4pm (1-hour lunch)  | Venue: Vestry Hall

Session lead: Helen Frosi | Session support: Stephan Barrett

A playful and inquisitive walk, collection session and workshop investigating the River Wandle and environs through digital and cameraless photography, led by artist Helen Frosi.

NB. Participants should bring their own cameras.

Open Ears!

Tues 19 Sept 2017 | 10am-4pm | Venue: Vestry Hall

Session lead: Lee Patterson | Session support: Helen Frosi

A session on listening, led by sound artist Lee Patterson, exploring the sonic potential of materials and recording the sounds of local objects and features found at Morden Hall Park. In addition, Lee will demonstrate his unique hand-made sonic instruments!

NB. Participants should know how to operate a recording device. Bring your own with you if you have one!

The Sound Along the Stream

Sun 24 Sept 2017 | 1pm-4pm | Venue: All Saints Church (Hackbridge)

Session lead: Sharon Gal | Session support: Helen Frosi/Stephan Barrett

Exploring the River Wandle through ideas of presence, flow and the dynamics of water, vocal artist Sharon Gal leads a session incorporating listening, responding and recording exercises. Voice and movement will be used to engage and interact with the environment and each other.

NB. Bring your own recorder if you have one! 

Drawing with Nature

Fri 29 Sept 2017 | 12-5pm (1-hour lunch) | Venue: All Saints Centre (Hackbridge)

Session lead: Helen Frosi | Session support: Stephan Barrett

Looking through the lens of the Wandle's flora, this collecting session and workshop, led by artist Helen Frosi, focusses on visually documenting plants, shrubs and trees in alternative ways (including experimenting with natural inks from foraged fruits, berries and seeds)!

Lino and Light

Fri 06 Oct 2017 | 1pm-4pm | Venue: All Saints Centre (Hackbridge)

Session lead: Helen Frosi | Session support: Stephan Barrett

A collection session and workshop designed to acquaint participant with the art of lino-cutting and printing. It is led by artist Helen Frosi and gives opportunity for the participants to take inspiration from the River Wandle, its flora, fauna and meteorological phenomena.

The River Speaks 

Sun 15 Oct 2017 | 10am-all day (with breaks) | Route: Earlsfield Rail Station to Morden Hall Park

Session lead: Ian Rawes | Session support: Helen Frosi/Stephan Barrett

A river walk and recording session - sound and photography - where participants are encouraged to look and listen out for hidden histories as well as to share their own experiences of living working and playing by the River Wandle. Led by field recordist, Ian Rawes.

NB. Bring your own recorder if you have one.

Materials and Memory

Sat 21 Oct 2017 | 11-4pm (1-hour lunch) | Venue: Vestry Hall (Mitcham)

Session lead: Helen Frosi | Session support: Stephan Barrett

A drawing and writing session investigates the sensory nature and pleasures of the River Wandle, led by artist Helen Frosi. Participants will also have the opportunity to create an aide memoire in the form of a “journey stick” from items they have collected in situ.

Workshops and Recording Sessions


Fri 27 Oct 2017 | 12-3pm | Venue: All Saints Centre (Hackbridge)

Session lead: Jane Pitt | Session support: Helen Frosi/Stephan Barrett

Artist Jane Pitt, will lead a walking field-recording session that will bring participants into contact with birds and other creatures that live and breed along the river predominantly through focused listening, vocalisations, and writing about what is seen and heard in the undergrowth.

NB. Participants should know how to operate a recording device. Bring your own if you have one!

The Poetics of the Wandle

Sun 29 Oct 2017 | 12-3pm | Venue: Stonecourt Classroom, 2 North Street (Carshalton)

Session lead: Helen Frosi | Session support: Stephan Barrett

An experimental poetry workshop, led by artist Helen Frosi, looking at the Wandle’s waters for material and inspiration and utilising a variety of experimental strategies to create work – from automatic writing and cut up techniques to erasure and folding techniques.

Audiograft Festival

Knowing Another is Endless

A set of exhibitions and associated events borne out of the audiograft festival's Artists’ Residency, with a focus on mapping, placemaking and re-worlding through sound.

Places can be familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, shifting both in relation to external factors and according to one’s mood, thoughts and perceptions. How might we find, or create, new meaning and relevance in a world that is dizzyingly kaleidoscopic? The residency undertaken this year as part of the audiograft festival focuses on mapping another knowing – a philosophical re-worlding and sensory placemaking – of three East Oxford sites, chosen specifically for their dynamic positions in Oxford.

Harriet ButlerHelen Frosi and Renzo Spiteri spent time at Fusion Arts, Ark-T and the Castle Car Park, absorbing the individual natural and cultural histories of the sites, through various acts of engagement, like the weaving of speculative fictions and sonic imagination through oral histories, road maps and archive materials…

The associated exhibitions and activities invite you to explore and rework these spaces into new ecologies and personal constellations.

Alternative Mapping Workshop 

With Helen Frosi

Friday 15th March 2019 | 10-noon | Fusion, 44B Princes St, OX4 1DD | Free - Booking is essential | Suitable for all ages

What are maps and how do we use them? And how might we navigate a city with our ears alone?

Join audiograft's artists-in-residence for a workshop that opens up the word of mapping to the eyes and ears

Further information and workshop description.

See our Exhibitions and Events & Performances pages for further activities.

The Design Museum presents

Friday Night Sketch: Helen Frosi

Drawing Sound

06 September 2019 | 6 - 8pm | The Design Museum | Free to attend - booking required.

During the first Friday of each month, a professional illustrator sets a sketching task inspired by the museum’s collection or exhibitions. Participants are then invited to tour the museum and sketch what excites them about contemporary design and architecture, before sharing their work at the end of the evening.

This month’s sketch will focus on the theme of Drawing Sound. Led by artist Helen Frosi, the event will begin with a short presentation by Helen on her work and approach to illustration. After this, you are invited to explore the museum, recording your experiences and observations through drawing. Responding to auditory cues within the museum, we will explore the expression of sound through imagery.

With thanks to MOO, the first 100 people to sign up for the evening will receive complimentary MOO products to sketch on and the opportunity to join a 15-minute workshop at the start of the evening.

Event details (Design Museum website).

CHASE Encounters Conference 2019

Aural Diversity Workshop 

With Professor John Levack Drever and Helen Frosi (SoundFjord)

15th November 2019 | 2:00-3:30pm | Workshop Studio - The Attenborough Centre | University of Sussex

Sound studies, sound design, the music industry and acoustics tend to conceptualise hearing as fixed, perfect and idealised. "Auraldiversity" refers to the actual variety of our hearing that we experience throughout a normal day and throughout our lives albeit to varying degrees, from the trifling experience of temporary threshold shifts or transient ear noise to intolerable pain from hyperacusis. In this workshop we will explore where embracing this new concept may lead us creatively and politically.

A 'personal and professional development session' with AV examples, a sonic meditation, practical activities, writing exercises and group conversations. 

Royal Holloway University x The Design Museum presents

Wasteland: Collective Stories of London

Sensory workshop with Dr. Katherine McLean, Inês Neto dos Santos and Helen Frosi (SoundFjord)

23rd November 2019 | 2:00-6pm | Design Museum (Kensington) | Fully booked

What does the waste of the city reveal about the people who live there? Using London and its rich histories as a foundation, this project explores the narratives behind discarded objects. This workshop asks how we can construct new stories around the discarded objects we find in London, and the significance this has for understanding the city’s histories and possible futures. 

This workshop is part of an ongoing research project developed by Mike Thompson (co-founder of Thought Collider), Dr. Hannah Platts, archaeologist and ancient historian from Royal Holloway, and the Design Museum.

CHASE Cohort Development Workshop Series

Birkbeck, University of London x Goldsmiths, University of London

Auraldiversities: Dis/Embodied Listening and the Ecology of the Ear

Session one: 13th Feb 2020 / Session two: 27 Feb 2020 (sold out) / Session three: 12 March 2020 / Plenary: 26 March 2020 | Sessions: 10:00-18:00 / Plenary 15:00-18:00 

See Eventbrite links for venue/sign up | Free - booking essential. CHASE PhD students prioritised, though open to the public thereafter.

With guest presenters: Josephine Dickinson, Professor John Levack Drever, Dr. Patrick Farmer, Dr. Richard Hamblyn, Ingrid Plum and Stuart Wilding. And with Chris Cook and Debbie Kent as respondents.

A series of lectures, workshops and in-situ training sessions seeking to encourage creative and critical attention towards aural diversity 1 within the arts and humanities, with particular focus on an ecology of the ear2 , designed for all those researching within the Arts and Humanities, especially those with an interest in the creative, social and political dimensions of sound and listening.

1 auraldiversity (sic), is a term seeded in the research of Professor John Drever and described as: “the actual variety of (often less than ideal) hearing that we experience throughout a normal day and throughout our lives albeit to varying degrees (from the trifling experience of a temporary threshold shift or transient ear noise to intolerable pain from hyperacusis)”.

2 an ecology of the ear, coined by Patrick Farmer in his recent publication “Azimuth” (published by SARU), is an arts-based interpretation of aural diversity that explores in particular, feminist communication models seeking to destabilise oppressive methods of communication.

These sessions specifically address the need for further study and practice inspired by, and concerning, this specific turn in research and focus on a particular theme led by an academic/practitioner with invited guests selected to represent a range of approaches. CHASE PhD candidates with associated research interests will also give a presentation. Sessions are purposefully multifaceted, practical, intuitive and experimental in approach and encourage collaborative work and collective activities.

Virtual Summer School 2021

Turning Point School of Art 

Listening with Nature 

13 July 2021 | 11am - noon | Virtual via Webex* | Free to attend. Open to Turning Point supported individuals and staff.

Pre-sessional videos are available to all via the Turning Point School of Art YouTube channel.

*Sessions are not recorded. Session slides and information is available to attendees.

A workshop in two parts featuring: short pre-session video works featuring listening and recording exercises (including sonic meditation); and, a one-hour virtual workshop exploring notions of hearing and listening and our interconnection within nature (the environment around us; the world and its inhabitants, living or other). The live session features activities that can be done inside the home, or in one's local environs. No specialist knowledge is needed to take part in these sessions and any materials usedcan be found in the home.

This session is part of a series called Art and Nature organised by curator Sarah Perks and hosted by Turning Point Summer School. The workshop is shared with additional sessions led by artist Amy Dover (Drawing Nature) and photographer Daniel Wheeler (Photographing Nature). 

CHASE Cohort Development Workshop Series

University of Sussex x Goldsmiths, University of London

Auraldiversities II

13 November 2020 - 10 June 2021 | 10am - 6pm | Virtual via Zoom* | Free to attend. Booking required.

*Sessions are recorded and will be made available to CHASE PhD researchers, and the public where permissions are granted.

Six day-long sessions addressing the auraldiverse turn in the arts and humanities. 

Our first two sessions share thoughts on Listening in the Present Tense and feature: Kate Carr . Budhaditya Chattopadhyay . Noe Cuellar . Ella Finer with Yorgos Samantas and Urok Shirhan . Charlie Fox . Debbie Kent . Dawn Scarfe. 

External link for event info on Listening in the Present Tense

Our second research strand focuses on Expanded Listening: Multiphyla-listening/Altered States and is led by Alice Eldridge.

Ximena Alarcon . Heidi Appel and Rex Cocroft . Ansuman Biswas . Cecile Chevalier & Chris Kiefer . Cliff Hammett . AM Kanngieser . Natasha Mhatre . Lisa Schonberg.

External link for event info on Expanded Listening

Our final research strand explored Future Listening and featured: Amina Abbas-Nazari . Elena Biserna . Alex De Little & collaborators . Shirley Djukurnã Krenak & Nathaniel Mann (live translation: Thiago Jesus) . Milena Droumeva . Sasha Engelmann . Ingrid Plum. 

External link for event info on Future Listening

Sessions are curated by John Drever (Goldsmiths), Alice Eldridge (Uni of Sussex) and Helen Frosi (SoundFjord). 

Sessions are funded by CHASE (Cohort Development Fund).

CHASE Cohort Development Workshops 

Auraldiversities III: Space . Place . Confluence . Entanglement

The third iteration in interdisciplinary programme addressing the ‘auraldiverse turn’ in Arts and Humanities research and theory, questioning how and what we hear, what we listen to and why, as situated within our contemporary milieu and its associated crises. 

These multimodal sessions trouble accepted norms in audio technology, sound culture and Western epistemologies and question the extent of human perception, our relation in and through the vibratory world, and whether hearing and listening is ever an individual act.

Expect events associated with four research strands including: talks and discussions, Q&As, hands-on and multisensory workshops, field-work, communal listenings, slow readings and a multi-speaker concert.

Research Strand One: Space

Spatial sound is a powerful tool for immersion used in different media and technologies including cinema, theatre, exhibitions, live performance, augmented reality and game sound. To truly appreciate space, location and movement through our ears, we need to facilitate space for listening, and to explore our reactions to shapes, gestures, sound events and the overarching richness of multisensory environments that surround us. 

Space: Multsensory Experiences

Tuesday 12 April 2022 . 10am-6pm 

Royal Dockyard Church, Kent, ME4 4TE 

A free-to-attend, day-long event feature presentations, workshops and an online lecture, focused on multisensory approaches to research and practice. 

Featuring: Milena Droumeva (online) . Kate McLean . Aki Pasoulas . Jackie Walduck 

Space: Immersive Experiences

Friday 13 May 2022 . 10am-4pm. 

Royal Dockyard Church, Kent, ME4 4TE 

A free-to-attend, day-long event feature presentations, a workshop, an online lecture and an immersive, multi-channel concert.

Featuring: Tim Bond . Francisco López (online) . Aki Pasoulas . Louise Rossiter 

Online events will be streamed live via the MAAST YouTube channel at 10:30am on the day of each event. (No booking needed, simply tune in.)

Details of events and booking links are available in our session guide.

CHASE PhD researchers may book immediately.

The public may book from one month before the activity commences.

These events are curatd by Aki Pasoulas (University of Kent). Additional events from partners: John Drever (Goldsmiths, University of London) . Alice Eldridge (University of Sussex) and Helen Frosi (SoundFjord) will follow later in the year, and will include sessions from special guests: Angus Carlyle . Petero Kalulé . AM Kanngieser . James Goodwin and others to be confirmed.

AuralDiversities is funded by the CHASE Cohort Development Fund.

Research Strand: Entanglement

By troubling assumptions around a distinct locus for hearing, and the notion of a presumed "singular" or discrete listener, we come to discern a colonisation of the senses, and prickle at arbitrary classifications that categorise and define into a certitute of disconnection. Working outside the assumption of hearing as "individualised" in the sense of separation, and instead vibrating towards the perceived individual’s hearing as necessarily co-constituted and sympoietic, we sit with the notion of hearing and listening as always with

For sessions one and two (both presentations/collaborative sessions), please visit our Events & Performance page,

Session Three:

Faux Ice: Poetry and Poetics Workshop

James Goodwin and Nisha Ramayya

Friday 03 February 2023 . 12pm-1pm. Online

Reservations: http://tiny.cc/Entanglement3

In this poetry and poetics workshop, James and Nisha will offer a sequence of listening and writing prompts to guide participants on a rickety, rackety journey between blackness and crystallisation, world ears and oceanic listening. After listening, writing, and potentially/fancifully vibrating together, we’ll hold an informal Q&A/open discussion to reflect on the audio-visual materials, experiences of writing collectively, and broader aesthetic, literary and philosophical concerns. We’ll consider putting into question the institutional and discursive relations between the [black] social life of poetry as a phase of existence, its creative and conceptual modes of expression as a crystallisation of its animamateriality (from breath to sound to composition to experimentation to sociality), and language as a form of life (criticism, analysis, communication, community, representation) which abides to a dominant notion of knowledge and experience as illumination, determination, or revelation, going in circles around language’s impossibilities and sound’s possibilities, mystical sense and material nonsense, devotional secretions and dissolute obstructions, holding hands and letting go.

Further information on events and bookings is available in our session guide.

CHASE PhD researchers may book immediately.

The public may book from one month before the activity commences.

These events are curated by Helen Frosi (SoundFjord).

The AuralDiversities programme is partnered with Aki Pasoulas (University of Kent), John Drever (Goldsmiths, University of London) . Alice Eldridge (University of Sussex)

AuralDiversities is supported with funds from the CHASE Cohort Development Fund.

Research Strand: Confluence

As we enter the UN decade of ecosystem restoration we consider what role listening can play in shaping and serving conservation agendas. Traditional and Indigenous knowledges have successfully preserved and restored biodiversity across the globe for millennia, yet the future, apparently, is digital; how can these different forms of listening and knowing respond to and complement each other?

For session one (Traditional Acoustemologies), please visit our Events & Performance page,

Session Two: Future Acoustemologies

Soundcamp (Mort Drew . Dawn Scarfe . Grant Smith) 

DIY Live Streaming Kit Building Workshop

Friday 24 February 2023 . 9:45am-5pm. In-person

Reservations: https://tiny.cc/confluence_inpreson

In this free to attend, in-person workshop, Soundcamp will introduce the Acoustic Commons project and give a hands-on introduction to hardware and software techniques necessary to create your own affordable audio live streaming equipment. 

Participants will be able to work in small groups to make streamboxes from kits.

A number of kits will be available for participants to run streams after the event, possibly as part of the Reveil broadcast over 6 to 7 May 2023.

Soundcamp | Reveil

Schedule (GMT):

09:45am Workshop participants arrive (in-person)

10:00am Acoustic Commons talk (online)

11:00am Stream box workshop session1: introduction and assembly

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Test in provisional locations off-grid

Listening, tuning, discussion

5:00pm Finish


The Acoustic Commons network has been using live audio streaming to co-create public art projects that form bridges between localities and bring isolated communities into interaction. Listening in common to soundworlds of Europe, Japan and other places leads us to engage with environmental flows - of air, water or migrating organisms - that cross borders and point to a trans-national approach.

Acoustic Commons is dedicated to building resilient networks across sites, distributing creative technical resources and cultural know-how and contributing to the long term cultivation of knowledge commons. The project seeks to identify and reactivate common land as a site for shared cultural activity and to encourage the sharing of practices and knowledge between practitioners, organisations, the public and institutions across Europe. Through improvised networks and hybrid on-site / on-line events, and by developing low-cost, lightweight ways to amplify less heard human and other voices, we contribute to reworking and extending our ‘habits of assembly’.

Soundcamp are an arts cooperative based in London, Crete and the Hague, working on transmission ecologies from DIY broadcasting devices to public sound and radio projects. As part of the Acoustic Commons network, they coordinate the long-form radio broadcast Reveil (2014 –), and a series of sound and ecology events (soundcamps) on Dawn Chorus day each year.


These events are curated by Alice Eldridge (University of Sussex).

The AuralDiversities programme is partnered with Aki Pasoulas (University of Kent), John Drever (Goldsmiths, University of London) . Helen Frosi (SoundFjord)

AuralDiversities is supported with funds from the CHASE Cohort Development Fund.

Research Strand: Place

For the past few years, many of us have paused our fieldwork or reconfigured methods by practising at a distance. For some, our domestic situations have become the in situ of the field, unavoidably blurring the “out-there” with the “in-here”. This workshop is a wonderful occasion to get back into the field and to share and be guided on sonic methods, through exploring a number of subterranean locations that are resonant with meaning and affect.

For session two and three (Marie Koldkjær Højlund, and Angus Carlyle), please visit our Events & Performance page,

Session One: 

Field Trip to Bervie Brow

19 May - 21 May 2023

Guest: Louise K Wilson and David Chapman

Open to CHASE Studentship holders and PhD researchers at CHASE-affiliated institutions and the general public.

Information and booking

This field trip offers an exciting opportunity to spend time in a small group exploring a variety of richly and contextually resonant environments. We will be based at Bervie Brow, a 28-acre research field site and creative habitat at a historic Cold War radar and listening station on the north-east coast of Scotland. It was built in the 1950s as an RAF Rotor early warning radar station, and later used by the US Naval Security Group as a listening station, and finally by the British Army as an emergency communications centre. The large underground bunker on site is a unique and distinctive environment to consider sonic traces, acoustic phenomena and the palimpsests of Cold War sites.

We will be spending time undertaking group and individual work: engaging in listening, recording (visual and auditory) activities - with plenty of time for discussion and presenting ideas and material. While we will primarily be based at Bervie Brow, we will be making use of the locale with trips to the Craigiebarns ROC site; Wormit Reservoir or Cupar Silos (TBC) and to the coastal area near Bervie Brow.

These events are curated by  John Drever (Goldsmiths, University of London).

The AuralDiversities programme is partnered with Aki Pasoulas (University of Kent) . Alice Eldridge (University of Sussex) . Helen Frosi (SoundFjord)

AuralDiversities is supported with funds from the CHASE Cohort Development Fund.

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