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AuralDiversities III: Space . Place . Confluence . Entanglement

The third iteration in our interdisciplinary programme addressing the ‘auraldiverse turn’ in Arts and Humanities research and theory, questioning how and what we hear, what we listen to and why, as situated within our contemporary milieu and its associated crises. These multimodal sessions trouble accepted norms in audio technology, sound culture and Western epistemologies and question the extent of human perception, our relation in and through the vibratory world, and whether hearing and listening is ever an individual act.

Session One: Against Sonic Certitude

Carson Cole Arthur . Dr. Petero Kalulé . AM Kanngieser 

Abolitionary Listening: Propositions & Questions

Wednesday 18 January 2023 . 12pm-1pm. Online

Session Two: Gatherine Place

Edward George

Towards Listening, Dub and Memory

Wednesday 25 January 2023 . 12pm-1pm. Online

Session Three:

James Goodwin and Nisha Ramayya

Faux Ice: A Poetry and Poetics Workshop

Friday 03 February 2023 . 12pm-1pm. Online

Further information on events and bookings is available in our session guide.


Desire Lines will return with a new series of DIY sensory wanders.

Our EnCOUnTErs project - interspecies ecounters, ecology and the sonic imagination - is funded! 

We will be roaring-to-go from spring 2023. 

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